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  • 12
    Apr 2014
    Buzzing about Local Honey

    Local Honey flies off of our shelves about as fast as the bees who make it. That’s because locally cultivated honey is the absolute best for allergy season.  Raw unprocessed honey contains propolis and pollen from the bees in the area which, when consumed, builds up a resistance to allergies, hay fever, and gives you [...]

  • 12
    Apr 2014
    Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot…Hot Sauce at Kountry Kitchen

    Is it too hot to handle? Find out for yourself! New Hot Flavoring Sauces at the Kountry Kitchen.  With the perfect blend of herbs, spices, scotch bonnet peppers, onions, and other natural ingredients, the Kountry Kitchen Hot Sauce in “Mild” or “Hot” is a perfect complement to any meal.  Our customers love it and now [...]

  • 12
    Apr 2014
    Coffee Mixer Sundays AND Wednesdays – April

    So many of our customers rant and rave about our organic coffee and all the wellness benefits of Ganoderma! Ganoderma, also known as the Reishi Mushroom, is known to treat the flu, infections, and has a host of other health benefits…and now it can be found in your coffee! Our Sunday and Wednesday Mixers have been such [...]

  • 03
    Mar 2014
    It’s All About Choices

    It’s been said that “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. Take a look at this image and share what words come to mind. It’s a Honey Crisp apple from Battens Market next to a Honey Crisp apple from an other local, South Florida, market. Neither is certified organic and one costs about $.15 less [...]

  • 01
    Mar 2014
    Batten’s Farm Event Venue

    Batten’s Farm is the perfect place for your next party or private event.  Just visit or call the market to give us your budget and wish list. Batten’s Farm offers several private venue options and event planning services.  If you are looking for a unique place to host your next party, or meeting you have [...]

  • 13
    Feb 2014
    It’s o-FISH-all…

    And must be fate -Our monthly Fish Fry Friday is EVERY SECOND FRIDAY!  Everyone is welcome and we hope to see all your smiling faces starting at 6pm! This Friday June 13th. We will have kids karaoke, face painting and live music with a great crowd and the best Caribbean fish fry north of Key West.  There is [...]


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Welcome to Batten’s Farmers Market
& Davie Agri-Tourism Center

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We would like to thank all of our loyal customers who have come from all over South Florida to visit us!  Batten’s is closed until further notice.  Please contact (954) 434-8220 or stay tuned to our website or follow us on twitter, facebook, and Google+ for further information.

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Batten’s Farmers Market is proud to be part of a wonderful community! It has been located in the Town of Davie, FL since 1969 and despite a few years when the farm was closed (2008 – 2011), today the market remains the place to get the best strawberry milkshakes you’ll ever taste. Ever!

Naturally, milkshakes are not the only thing you can buy at Batten’s Farmers Market. Each and every week shelves and product bins are cleared and prepped to display only the freshest locally grown produce available to the public. The market also sells a variety of certified organically grown produce and often has specials on kale, peppers and other root vegetables grown on-site.  Batten’s Farmers Market values the importance of knowing your food source and encourages everyone working towards improved health by eating better foods. If it’s been a while since you visited the farm, come by soon! We’re looking forward to seeing you again.

Browse our extensive selection of fresh produce – even heat sensitive fruits and vegetables like fresh berries or organic leafy greens.  We also carry an assortment of raw honey, spices and Amish goods such as jams and jellies that are natural and unprocessed.

Weekends at the farm are particularly fun especially for kids!  We often have activities to keep them busy while you shop the healthiest produce.  In addition to our petting zoo (open every day during market hours and free to visit) we’ll have bounce houses, rock climbing, face painting, and an arts & crafts corner where they will learn things like making their own butter or ice cream (yum!).


Fresh From our Fields to the Market…

Purple-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes Will be Back at the Market at the End of March!
Batten’s recently became the exclusive South Florida distributor of the purple-fleshed sweet potato, developed in part by Tuskegee University. Not only does it taste great, but it’s great for you! This colorful spud has anti-oxidant & blood sugar regulating properties, and some are dubbing it a sweet new super-food.

These delicious potatoes were such a hit this season, that we are completely sold out! Be on the look out, though, we except to have fresh crops of them towards the end of March.

Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, including callaloo, kale & breadfruit

Jams, Jellies, Spreads and Sauces
Try our locally produced jams, jellies, spreads and specialty sauces

Organic fruits, vegetables, including locally grown organic produce and raw honey made in Davie, Florida


Fresh from our Kitchen…

Our smoothies are all natural, delicious, healthy & oh-so-refreshing! Available in a variety of fruit combinations mixed with ice – no sugar added.  Popular choices are strawberry, banana, mango, pineapple, papaya, and blueberry. Come taste your favorite fruit mix today!

Batten’s breads are baked fresh daily. Available in baguettes and loaves.  Try our favorite, Cranberry Walnut!

Batten’s milkshakes are back in a variety of flavors: Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Mixed Berry, and many more. Try one of our Seasonal milkshakes like Pumpkin Spice or Egg Nog – YUM!

Lunch specials every day. Be sure to try our curried chicken – it’s delish!